Our mission

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Accelerate the transition toward more sustainable mobility

1 shared car replaces an average of 12 privately-owned vehicles

Promote diversity and inclusion


Through inclusive rates, collaboration with Lyon companies, awareness of the challenges of urban mobility and local recruitment

Leverage exceptional technological expertise

Vulog, world leader in shared mobility solutions, supports Leo&Go to offer the most flexible mobility to Lyonners

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Our history

Leo&Go launched in Lyon on September 1st 2021, powered by Vulog, the leading technology provider for shared mobility. 

The goal of Leo&Go is to accelerate carsharing market growth and drastically reduce pollution and congestion in cities caused by personally owned vehicles. Leo&Go is a large scale carsharing showcase and technology innovation lab which will demonstrate the virtuous impact of shared mobility.

The Leo&Go brand visuals were developed by a student from a design school in Lyon. In all aspects, Leo&Go is a representation of the City of Lyon and the people it serves.

Welcoming the Leo&Go team!


A team of three locals are driving force behind Leo&Go.

Our mission is to promote a new sustainable mobility option in Greater Lyon. With our Leo&Go carsharing service, we are committed to helping Lyonners to move around freely while taking on new responsible habits.



General Manager

I am delighted to present Leo&Go, the new Lyon carsharing service that will make your life easier!



Marketing Manager

Hello Lyonners! At Leo & Go, we have many surprises for you and exciting events ...

Follow us on Instagram to appreciate all our offers and news. Have a good trip ;)



Operations Manager

My goal is to give you an optimal experience. With Leo & Go, we offer you a super easy-to-use mode of travel. Driving has never been so easy!