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The answer for all your business trips in one app

What is my mobility need?

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Commitment-free car for occasional use

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Trips to and from the airport

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High-end vehicle bookable in a few clicks

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Easy monthly car rental


Optimization and diversification of my vehicle fleet

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Leo&Go Pro

300 self-service vehicles available 24/7 in Greater Lyon

✔️ Everything included: parking, insurance, charging

✔️ Monthly or per-use billing with VAT 

✔️ Instant or advance booking 

✔️ Dedicated parking at St-Exupéry airport

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image tesla 3 leo+


Tesla 3 vehicles available at a station ideally located in Part-Dieu

✔️ Possibility of delivery to your site

✔️ Service available 24/7 via app

✔️ All inclusive: insurance and recharge

✔️ Ride in complete comfort

Leo Abo

Monthly and non-binding rental solution


✔️ Greater flexibility for your needs

✔️ Choose between an electric or hybrid vehicle

✔️ Free delivery to your site

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image renault zoe trottinette mobizz'

An app that is the key to all of your company’s vehicles


✔️ Fleet dedicated to your business

✔️ Equip all of your vehicle models with our sharing solution

✔️ Vehicle use optimization 

✔️ Dedicated administrator space

They ride with Leo&Go

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