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All inclusive rates

Which automatically adapt to your rental duration for a stress-free journey


Parking in paid spaces

Park anywhere on the street

in Leo&Go zones, no

parking ticket needed


Fuel and refill

Our vehicles are already loaded.

Need to fill up? Send us the invoice

and we will reimburse you



The driver and his passengers

are insured for a safe journey.

See conditions here.

Special offers on days' packages from 01/02/2024 to 01/04/2024 included (excepting Ford Transit model)

Company formula for use

Acces the standard rate at no additional cost

€0,83 excl tax unlocking fee +


City ans small utility vehicles

1 minute 

30 minutes

1 hour 

2 hours

3 hours

6 hours 

9 hours

1 day 

2 days 










208 leo&go.png
yaris leo&go
kangoo leo&go transparent2.png





Utility vehicles 6m3

ford transit leo&go.png

1 minute 

3 hours 

6 hours 

1 day 

2 days 







City ans small utility vehicles

Lyon- Saint Exupéry

208 leo&go.png
yaris leo&go
kangoo leo&go transparent2.png

Unlock Fee 

30 min package 

Airport Fee





in average

100km included per day per package. 

Additional km for 0.25/km exc. VAT for Leo&Go, 0.25/km HT. for utility vehicles.

The most advantageous rate applies automatically, packages are cumulative with the rate per minute. 

Why subscribe to the reduced deductible  ?

Limit the cost of at-fault vehicle damage with our reduced deductible option.

EN B2B HT.png
prices quoted exclusive of VAT

You wish to use our service on a regular basis?

We can provide you with customized offers to save you money.
For more information

Our pre-booking service


Get ahead and pre-book your vehicle in advance at the desired date and time in the app!

€8.33 excl. tax

We contact you

For more information, send us an email on

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