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and open new horizons to your loved ones

3 reasons to choose the Leo&Go e-gift card

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I buy my e-gift card in a few clicks and receive it by email within 72 hours. I can send it whenever I want to my loved one!


The e-gift card allows you to take advantage of Leo&Go* and rent a vehicle 24/7 via the app for short or long trips all inclusive (parking, insurance and fuel).


Leo&Go is a service local car sharing with hybrid and electric vehicles. Our mission is to promote sharing in the use of personal vehicles.

*For anyone with a validated Leo&Go account having over 21 and 2 years of European license minimum.

How does it work ?

  1. I choose the amount of my gift card below and proceed to payment.

  2. I receive by email within 72 hours with my e-gift card in PDF format with a unique promotional code.

  3. I can send this e-gift card whenever I want to the person I want to give it to.

  4. Once the gift card has been received, the person, once registered with Leo&Go, can enter their code in the “My credits” section in the app. His gift will be valid for 6 months after entering the code in the app.*

*Credits valid for 6 months after entering the code in the Leo&Go app. Excluding airport fees.

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I select an amount

By clicking on one of the 3 cards. Small or big gift?

I am free !

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Frequently Asked Questions

Leo&Go opens up new horizons

The freedom to go where you want and when you want, everything is included 

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Questions ?

Do not hesitate to contact us on

To consult our General Conditions of Sale click here.

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