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Implementation of car sharing in business


Saved with the solution


Of reduction fleet size thanks to vehicle sharing


CO2 equivalent saved

The context

Presentation of the implementation case for a company in the construction sector, with 200 employees on the pilot site. The Mobizz solution was integrated into the company in April 2022 to equip the fleet of service vehicles. 


Thanks to sharing technology, the fleet has been reduced by 28% for a saving of 104k per year

The solution made it possible to integrate micromobility into the company with the integration of 4 connected electric bicycles and to save 120.6 tonnes of CO2, as part of the reduction of the company's carbon impact.

Objectives desired by the company


Reduce the mobility budget by optimizing use


Better understand uses thanks to data feedback


Replacing obsolete vehicles and integrating micro-mobility 

The problem

Employee travel varies according to position and involves seasonality. In this example, the fleet is underutilized in off-peak periods (up to 50% of the utilization rate) and the number of vehicles is insufficient during peak activity (additional use of VTC).


the implementation of MoBizz'




average use per vehicle over 6 months over 24 hours


Mobility budget


the implementation of MoBizz'


Connected vehicles


Connected electric bikes


Mobility budget


average usage per vehicle over 6 months


of CO2 saved

Specific developments for a tailor-made response, taking up the business issues and the specific needs of the company

The results


Employees appreciated the gain in the fluidity of access to vehicles. No more key management, vehicles can be accessed directly from the application or with a badge. With a digital reservation schedule, employees manage to optimize their travel and therefore the use of vehicles.

Carbon footprint

The impact is also notable on the company's carbon footprint since 120.6 tons of CO2 equivalents have been saved thanks to the reduction of the fleet. The next step is the electrification of the fleet.


Vehicle information and usage data are centralized on the same tool. Certain functionalities such as the vehicle inventory tool for better monitoring and maintenance of the fleet or the indication of the fuel level make it possible to monitor the state of the fleet in real time.

Mobility budget 

Reducing the fleet also saves money. Here the annual mobility budget has been reduced by €104,000 either a reduction of 35%


The integration of electric bikes is experienced by employees as a real comfort and source of well-being at work. This mode of transport is a commitment to the CSR approach for multimodal and sustainable mobility.

Complementarity with other modes of mobility

Here, the fleet of vehicles has been sized to optimize the share of use per vehicle, particularly during low periods, and to supplement this fleet by using other modes of transport: car sharing, public transport, soft modes, VTC .

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