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Services adapted to each company to optimize your mobility budget and reduce your carbon impact.

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An alternative to service vehicles, mileage allowances and taxi/VTC

Reduction of the carbon footprint

100% digital

up to -70% savings
on your mobility budget


What are our solutions?

Our self-service and non-binding
vehicles for your
travel needs

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Our fleet sharing solutions,
for your business and your

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How does Leo&Go support you?

Study of your needs

We map the mobility of your employees and visitors: mobility between sites, sales appointments, ...

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Boost your employer brand

The company car is not always the best solution for your employees. Make them happy by offering mobility credit or a Pro Perso option on your service vehicles

How it works ?

Pro Personal Option

Make your fleet profitable by renting your shared service vehicles at a preferential rate to your employees for weekend or evening use.

Mobility credit

Buy credits at a reduced price to allow your employees to benefit from the 300 Leo&Go self-service cars.

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