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You can pre-book your vehicle in the app. Guaranteed availability at the date and time indicated near your address in the Leo&Go zone!

To take full benefit, download the new version of the app 📱.

  1. I click on the calendar on the right of the screen.

  2. I fill in the address, the date, the time of departure and return, the accessories if necessary and the vehicle model.

  3. I click on confirm and I validate my pre-booking.

  4. I can check my pre-booking in "My reservations" in the menu at the bottom of the app.

  5. In case of unforeseen circumstances, I can cancel my pre-booking free of charge at least 24 hours in advance by clicking on "Cancel".

How does it work ?

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I plan my trip in advance

in a few clicks in the Leo&Go app



Pre-book your Leo&Go vehicle at least 24 hours before your departure by clicking on the calendar icon on the right of your screen.



Your departure date and time, and the address where you would like to find your vehicle in the Leo&Go area, including the airport.



Your Leo&Go will be

available within a radius

of 500m from the

the address you provided during pre-shipment.

Questions ?

Consult our Frequently Asked Questions to be knowledgeable about your Leo&Go

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