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The all-inclusive solution for every trip

Your car for business only when you need it


Parking, energy, maintenance and insurance


Instant or pre-booking


Monthly or usage-based with detailed VAT information

No more expense reports!


From my personal use or my company's user network and use of the Leo&Go service


Electric and hybrid vehicles, 100% local service

Leo&Go, it's...

  • 300 free-floating electric or hybrid vehicles in Greater Lyon

  • All-inclusive service: parking, insurance and charging

  • Dedicated car park at St-Exupéry airport

  • 1 single mobile application, no key or badge

  • Instant booking or pre-booking

map leo&go + bron image

How does it work?

  • Log in to your account

  • Select your business profile 

  • Reserve or pre-book your vehicle 

  • You can exit the Leo&Go zone by pausing the vehicle if you wish

  • And finish your trip by parking anywhere in the Leo&Go zones, even in paid spaces!

Registration is free !

Take advantage of our all-inclusive rates

  • on-street parking anywhere in the Leo&Go zones, even in paid spaces

  • all-risk insurance

  • recharge and fuel 

Monthly or per-use billing with VAT details

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Register for free!

In a few clicks

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Refer a company and receive €100 of credit!

Start your trips for free by referring a company.

Download the app and drive in total freedom

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